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Delicious cashew milk

Delicious cashew milk


I simply cannot contain my excitement at this new discovery. And yes, very simple things make me ridiculously happy :p

You may have seen one of my old posts on how to make almond milk, and in case you remember the process was a little complicated but not impossible. NOW; cashew milk on the other hand is impossibly easy (I love juxtapositions) and you’re going to want to hug me when you see for yourself how yummy this is. I’ll also post my bank details below for you to send me all the money you will now be saving from making your own homemade cashew milk (just kidding! – unless you really want to;)


To make it:

1/2 cup of cashews (you can even buy the broken up ones for this)

500ml of clean drinking water

a pinch of sea salt

one date to sweeten (optional)

firstly you need to soak your cashews in hot water for 3 to 4 hours. Then drain off this water and wash the cashews a couple of times in clean water. Drain again and toss into your nutribullet / vitamix and top with your clean water, add in the salt and date if you’re using it. Grind until there are no bits remaining and you’re left with a white frothy mylk. Then pour into a clean (I would pour boiling water through this jar just to make sure its sterile) glass jar and store in the fridge for upto two days. That’s it!! No straining, no peeling nothing!


Enjoy your milk, feel free to experiment by adding cardamom, cinnamon, saffron or turmeric just to get different flavours. if you make it tag me on Instagram #thefitfabfoodie


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