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Dry Tawa Prawns

Dry Tawa Prawns


I seriously love my seafood. when we are out for dinner and I get the option I will always choose the seafood, and I love to try all sorts of gloriously strange things but nothing beats prawns. They are so versatile in the way they absorb flavour, so quick to cook and always (well in my experience) so good!

This dish however was created for my husband. He had recently travelled to the coast and visited a famous old school Indian restaurant and tried their signature prawn dish and I think he was left smacking his lips πŸ™‚ well he came home and hinted not so subtly that he wanted to eat those prawns again. Trust me that’s a lot of pressure even attempting to recreate them, let alone mastering the taste. I still don’t know if I did because he’s way too biased when it comes to my cooking;) Anyway, these are spicy and flavoursome and really quick to whip up once you have the spices prepared.

For the tawa masala

Dry whole coriander – 2 tablespoons

jeera seeds (cumin)Β – 2 tablespoons

Methi seeds (fenugreek) – 2 teaspoons

Red Chilli – 3 toΒ 4 (depends on how spicy you like your food or you can omit these)

Hing (asafoetida) – 1 pinch

Black pepper – 2 teaspoons

Cloves – 1/2 teaspoon

Cinnamon Powder – 1/2 teaspoons

Elaichi (cardamom) – 1/4 teaspoon

Turmeric Powder – 2 teaspoons

OnΒ a hot frying pan, dry roast the coriander seeds, methi seeds and cumin seeds for a couple of minutes making sure not to burn them. Turn off the heat and mix in all the other ingredients.Β  Then grind in a dry grinder/ coffee grinder until you’re left with a fine powder. Once this is completely cool you can store in in a glass container in a cool dry place for atleast a month.

For the Prawns

30 queen prawns

1 tablespoon butter

2 tablespoons lemon juice

1 bunch of washed and chopped coriander

2 tablespoons tawa masala

1 teaspoon garlic

salt to taste

Heat a frying pan up and add your butter. Allow it to melt and then add your prawns. Once the prawns start to turn slightly pink, reduce the heat and add in your lemon juice, garlic, salt and tawa masala. mix well andΒ  then allow your prawns to cook for a further 5 minutes. They should be pink all through. You want to make sure not to over cook them as they will become too tough. Once cooked, turn off the heat and sprinkle your coriander over. Serve on their own as a starter or with some warm pilau rice if you’re having it as a main meal. I had mine with a salad;)


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