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Clean your act up! Eating dirty is so 2014

Clean your act up! Eating dirty is so 2014


So this phrase “clean eating” is all the rage right now – you’ve possibly seen/heard it mentioned on every health page/website/fitness magazine you come across.

What is “clean eating” and when did eating become dirty? In its simplest explanation, clean eating is all about eating real food, Whole foods that haven’t been refined (like sugar), processed (like string cheese) and basically as natural as their original state as possible. in essence you are going back to basics. Forget the crisps and biscuits aisle at the supermarket, and you can just close your eyes as you walk past the sodas/juices/icecream packaged foods smorgasbord

Processed food is anything that has had something added to it (salt, sugar, fat), preservatives to keep it from spoiling, and even something such as vitamin enriched bread and cereal.

the perks of eating clean, include weight loss, healthier and glossier skin, hair and nails and the reduction in the likelihood of getting life threatening diseases such as diabetes and cancer.

Heres a list to get you started – as you go along you’ll find that the cleaner you eat the better you feel in terms of your energy levels and also how quickly you make fitness gains.

fresh fruit and vegetables
Dried grains / legumes

Minimally processed foods include:
Whole wheat bread / pasta
Rye bread
Quinoa / millet
Brown rice
Frozen fruit / vegetables – these are about convenience. Who has the time to shop more than a couple of times a week?!

unprocessed meat
Hormone free dairy / nut/grain milks
oils (coconut is extremely versatile and can be used at higher temperatures)

Always keep an eye on portion sizes too. just because you’re eating clean doesn’t mean you however much you fancy! 😉

As a general rule,3/5 of your plate should be made up of fruit and vegetables, 1/5 should be carbohydrates and 1/5 should be protein.

    when shopping

look for labels with short ingredient lists, and avoid additives like artificial colours and flavours.

    when cooking

keep cooking simple, avoid deep frying, and instead choose to
stir fry
consume raw

Keep cooking times quick to maintain the nutritional content of food.

Cleaneating is fun! it makes you feel amazing, clears up your skin, reduces bloating, makes you lose weight so much quicker than if you don’t follow a eat clean plan, and once you get into it, eating clean doesn’t have to mean eating boring. it can still be taste, spicy, zingy, hot and delicious! I may sound like a party pooper when I say put that chocolate down, or replace that ice cream for a sorbet but trust me, the results are totally worth it!

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