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Go on, skip that workout!

Go on, skip that workout!


The past couple of days have had me caught up in my own world of feeling extremely sorry for myself, not working out much and feel terribly under the weather. Thus no blogging. I caught the flu over the weekend and have been totally wiped out because of it. It meant no workouts for the first couple of days which led to considerable amounts of guilt and feeling pretty blah. But then I noticed that I actually felt better because I wasn’t over exerting my body, and for some reason my muscles were starting to pop more! So today I want to write about rest days and why they are so important – when you’re unwell and also generally to increase your fitness gains and get you the body that you’re working tremendously hard for.

  • your muscles actually grow when you rest. When you are resistance training, and lifting weights, your muscles tear and this can only be repaired when you rest. The repair process makes your muscles stronger than they were, allowing you to work them to exhaustion again and then repeat the recovery process.


  • its easy to think that the harder and more intensively you train, the quicker your weight loss will be –  but overtraining can have the opposite effect, and actually lead you to plateau or even weight gain.


  • suddenly find that you’ve become an insomniac, despite working out to the point of exhaustion? this is a side effect of overtraining. Ironically if you feel you are never getting enough sleep and are constantly tired this is also a sign of overtraining. Balance is key.


  • Overtraining can also affect your mood. Exercise has long been proven to boost mood but if you are overdoing it then it can lead to anxiety and depression because your body is run down


  • You’re feeling totally exhausted ALL THE TIME! If you’re seriously into working out then you know the high you experience immediately after a work out only too well. However, if your workouts are making you fall asleep mid afternoon or you’re constantly tired and so sore that you can barely move, then you’re definitely going overboard. Listen to your body!


  • Training too intensively leads to burnout.  When you factor in your energy levels, work,  money, time and your physical ability – and find that you’re over utilising all of these on exercise this can cause burnout. Exercise is a commitment and should be a lifelong pursuit so find something that works for you and which you can stick to without everything else suffering. It should be making you happy therefore its all about balance.


  • Its super important to make time for other things as well. We live in a world where we are constantly on the clock. Fitting in an hour long workout daily is a huge commitment – and something you can afford to miss once or twice a week and spend doing things that are just as beneficial such as having a catch up with friends, getting a massage or manicure or vegging out in front of the TV.

For me, this week has been all about rest, sleep, eating and just allowing my body to heal itself. I think getting the flu was its way of telling me to slow down, relax and give it some much needed TLC.  And five days later I feel fantastic! Energised, revitalised and rejuvenated – much like a week spent lying on a beach doing nothing;) I’ll also be the first to admit that as soon as I felt better today I had a 30 minute T25 Gamma session:) Go on, have that rest day (or rest week) you deserve it! Your body deserves it. Eat clean, rest, sleep and meditate and know that when you get back to your workout you will be stronger and better because of it.   (source: (image: paleojunkies)

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  1. Nikita
    January 30, 2015 at 2:20 am

    Fantastic read and spot on!!!! Rest days and especially massages are as important if you want to build up those muscles and get rid of cellulite ❤️❤️❤️

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