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Its all about (the) form!

Its all about (the) form!


Firstly, sorry I’ve been MIA – life got manic (and sweaty!) 😉  As I write this I’m 6 weeks into Insanity Max 30 and I couldn’t be happier. It’s an absolutely incredible workout, super quick (you can’t beat 30 minutes for a full body workout!) and you really feel the change to your body. This workout is created to BURN burn burn and it does just that. If you’re looking to tone up, shed lots of weight and look lean all in one then you need to get this workout! (and no im not a beachbody coach – Yet!)


Anyway, this blog post is about correct form.  Whether you do a home workout, run outside, go to the gym, form is extremely important. Using the right form when you workout means that you will reach your goals faster, prevent injury, be able to keep going for longer during your sweat session and achieve maximum results.


When I started Insanity Max 30, I was almost arrogant in my attitude toward it, thinking I’ve done insanity, t25, and this is something I can just do! But Max 30 is created to kick your a** and its so fast paced and intense that initially you struggle to keep up. So I was rushing through the exercises and not really doing them right or getting the results I wanted and that’s when I realised that I needed to modify. Max 30 comes with a modifier and you can follow them throughout as they perform variations of the workout, and slightly slower too. This is not to say that you aren’t getting the same benefit because even whilst modifying you will be sweating buckets and feeling totally breathless throughout!


Now, even six weeks later there are still some exercises that I perform whilst following the modifier  – less impact on the joints, great results because I’m using correct form instead of rushing the exercise and I can also keep going for longer because I haven’t exhausted my body by exerting my muscles in the wrong way.


“Try this posture test: When viewed from the side, an imaginary vertical line should pass through your ear lobe, the tip of your shoulder, midway through your trunk, over the bony part of your thigh, and then through both your knee and ankle. If there is any deviation from this alignment, like if your ears are in front of your shoulders or your shoulders roll toward your chest, you are set up for potential injury”


Just a couple of exercises below where its easy to use incorrect form:


Squats: Don’t let your knees drop inward. Also make sure you really stick your behind out when you lower yourself to maximise results

Deadlifts –imagine you have a stick running along the length of your spine, if your pelvis curls off at the bottom of the stick whilst dead lifting then you’re using incorrect form

Planking – tighten your core and shoulders so that you are one straight line from the top of your head to the bottom of your feet

Running –  land as softly as possible to decrease impact on your joints – you can do this by decreasing the length of your stride.



Happy working out! Hope you’re setting aside at least 30 minutes out of your busy life to squeeze a sweat session in  – you only need to do it four to five times a week to feel better, stronger, sleep well , speed up your metabolism and improve concentration! And add years to your life. So no excuses!


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