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Those Holiday Vibes

Those Holiday Vibes




Hey guys! Happy New Year! I know its been a little quiet on here but I’ve decided that this year I’m going to write a lot more posts and connect more with you.


I’m writing this post workout, still panting and slightly out of breath because this whole post is about holiday eating and exercise (or lack thereof). I’ve had a lot of people ask me if I ate clean on holiday or if I worked out. Well lets just say I practised my usual 80/20 rule – just the other way round! I do believe that you need to cut yourself some slack every now and then, even just a week so when you get back to this amazing, fit, healthy lifestyle you’re motivated once more, and have indulged exactly when you needed to.


This holiday I didn’t even carry my trainers with me;) I swam maybe 10 laps in the pool daily, built sand castles on the beach and the more exertion I experienced was climbing 24 stairs to and from the villa to the restaurant!


And I ate everything! The good, the bad and the very bad. Breakfast was usually lots of fresh fruit (the good), followed by waffles (the bad) and caramel sauce (the very bad). Lunch time wasn’t lunch time until I’d chugged down some Mauritian beer (which by the way is amazing! ) and immediately after we would head back to the room for an afternoon siesta. For me dinner was always the icing on the cake of a fabulously foodie kinda day because the menu was a la carte interspersed with sorbets, lots of wine (a lot of wine!) and rich, creamy desserts ranging from passion fruit parfaits, to baked cheesecakes and homemade cardamom ice cream.


It was an fantastic break. I came back definitely a couple of pounds heavier, super tanned and very rested. This isn’t a post to brag about how great my holiday was but more to highlight how important it is for your fitness goals to sometimes let your hair down, relax the rules and just enjoy yourself because you will 100% be more motivated when you get back to it, ready to work harder, eat cleaner and start the year on a fresh page.


Wishing you a fabulous 2016! Hope it’s happy and healthy!

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