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Water your life!

Water your life!


You could go without food for weeks and survive but without water you would only live a few days. It really is nature’s super drink and something that isn’t given nearly enough attention for the important role it plays in your well being.  With so much attention being given to fancy sports drinks, and pretty coloured juices its easy to forget that the best drink for you is natural and already ready to drink.



There is a lot of debate on how much water you should be drinking in a day but the average is 8 to 12 glasses but you have to factor in your activity level, how old you are and where else you may be getting water from (juice, herbal teas, smoothies- I don’t count tea and coffee)


So lets talk about why its SO good for you

  • about 60% of your body is made up of water.  drinking enough water helps to maintain your body’s fluid balance – it regulates your body temperature, helps to digest the food you eat, and distribute the nutrients you require around your body.


  • If you’re watching your weight the first thing you should be focussing on is the amount of water you’re drinking. If you choose water you’re more likely to feel fuller for longer, remain hydrated, maintain blood sugar levels and nip cravings in the bud. Find that you’re looking for something sugary mid afternoon? have a big glass of water instead and wait a while. You were possibly just thirsty! And if you still want something to eat, this will have given you enough time to choose a healthier alternative.


  •  water is amazing at flushing out toxins and will give you clearer, more youthful looking skin. so before reaching for that expensive jar of moisturiser drink some water! And keep drinking it!


  • Your muscles need water for gains – sweating it out means your muscles are losing water and if you’re not rehydrating yourself well during your workout and after your muscles will be tired and h20 deprived and you wont see results. Drinking enough water also gives you the added energy to push through that final set of burpees.


  • Dehydration is extremely serious and extremely dangerous – without enough water your kidneys would not be able to function, and would not be able to eliminate waste from your body. Less importantly if you are dehydrated you are less productive, more tired and less efficient. So grab that glass/bottle of water and get chugging!


  • The best thing after a night out on a bender? WATER! it helps to hydrate your body (a hangover is mainly your body fighting dehydration) and stop that pounding – I want to hide in the darkness -headache.


  • it keeps you regular;) if you’re dealing with digestion issues the first thing you should be looking to do is up your water intake.


  • When you’re all bunged up and sniffly drinking water can help to ease up congestion. Think hot lemony honey drinks whilst snuggling under a duvet (but this shouldn’t replace a visit to your doctor or any medication you may have been prescribed)


So how do you ensure you’re getting enough water in a day? Start by drinking a glass as soon as you wake up, and half an hour before any big meal (stops you overeating!) – I usually carry a bottle wherever I go, and to keep things interesting often add fruit and mint leaves to plain chilled water to give it a refreshing twist.




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    Nice one!

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      Thank you Mahesh!

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